Brand and Website Design

The main request in the brief from Colin and Darren for the D.C Tattoos brand was that it should steer away from any elements that could be perceived a industry cliches. To meet this requirement we developed a simple monogram. This provides not only a distinctive brand mark for D.C but also offers a high level of flexibility for use on branded materials such as t-shirts and signage and across social media.

The D.C Tattoos website has been designed as a showcase for the studio’s work. The portfolio section has been designed to display full page images of the tattoos and is fully responsive and touch enabled ensuring the best user experience across desktops, phones and tablets.

  • 01-DC-Logo
  • 01-DC-Cards
  • 01-DC-T-Shirt
  • 01-DC-Window
  • 01-DC-Responsive-Website