Bi Annual and Annual Reports

This set of reports came with a very specific requirement in the brief from the Financial Services Ombudsman – and that was to make the documents accessible.

To achieve this we produced a minimalist uncluttered layout using typography that could be easily read at smaller sizes and by avoiding anything that would reduce legibility.

Annual reports are often showcase pieces for organisations so minimal look and feel required us to give the document itself some structure. The document was printed on an uncoated paper to give the report a natural feel. The cover images and logo on the biannual report were printed with a spot varnish to give depth to the cover. to differentiate the annual report a die cut was used to achieve depth.


  • 08-FSO-BiAnnual-01 copy
  • 08-FSO-BiAnnual-04
  • 08-FSO-BiAnnual-07
  • 08-FSO-BiAnnual-02
  • 08-FSO-BiAnnual-06