Who is GKD?

Before you started reading this page you probably had a look at some of the work on the home page!

Chances are the first impression any potential client will have of you, your business, product or event will be through your logo, marketing materials, website, or social media presence. So quality and consistency are important. And that’s where GKD comes in.

Since 2009 we’ve worked with multi-nationals, SMEs, not for profit organisations and individuals across a range of sectors including eLearning, HR, law, finance, the arts, food and retail to deliver creative solutions that are uniquely reflective of their message. We achieve this through genuine partnership with our clients and by getting to know them, their businesses and markets.

Many of our clients have worked with GKD since we started up and the greatest compliment they have given is to refer other businesses to us.

Whether you’re a new business, and established enterprise or an organisation promoting an event or product GKD can provide creative solutions that will keep your message fresh, consistent and at the forefront of the minds of your audience.

What can we do for you?